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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some changes to the way we work. Check our Facebook Page for more information. Thank you for your understanding.


Director at R.W. Airconditioning Limited, who has worked in several dealer franchises including Toyota and Mercedes Benz. Robin has nearly thirty years of professional experience in the Automotive industry.
Parts Advisor at SW Radiators. Gary is a professional and experienced engine cooling and air conditioning specialist with over thirty years experience in the Automotive and Commercial vehicle trade.




We have workshop facilities where your car can be repaired in a safe, clean environment.
We have 30 years experience in vehicle cooling, whether it is engine cooling (radiators and cooling fans), intercoolers or heater matrices. We can supply and fit these components for you!
All the radiators we supply new come with a 12 month warranty that covers manufacturing defects.
If you have a radiator that is all metal, we can rebuild your radiator. The rebuild service involves a full strip down, clean, reassembly and extensive pressure testing.
We provide a service to the trade. For more information, contact us.
We carry the top 250 car radiators on the shelf, along with the most common heater matrices and intercoolers. For those items that we do not have, a next-day service is available.
Radiators, intercoolers and heater matrices for commercial vehicles are also available. For more information, please contact us.


Below are some of the components we have recently rebuilt. Click the button to switch between the before and after stages.
Our rebuilds include the following steps:
Includes a full strip down of the existing radiator, the removal of all pipes, baffles and sensor mounting bosses.
The radiator is cleaned with a bead blaster. This removes all debris and leaves the metal clean for us to reuse.
A new core is sourced and the radiator is reassembled.
Pressure testing is done twice, once when the radiator is hot, and once when it is cold. This ensures the radiator is leak free.
Two coats of paint are applied to the radiator to prevent corrosion and to make it look nice!


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